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An Institute catering for the social and educational needs of Learners. Offering Full time and part time Aalim, Imamat and Hifthul Quraan Courses.


See What Course is Suitable For You, Over Hundreds of Local & International Students Have Enrolled at the CTIEC Since its Inception in 2011.

Aalim Course

Aalim Course

An in-depth study on diverse sciences of Islamic sacred knowledge. This course will allow learners to survive and lead their communities in the fast changing world with the moderate thought from an Islamic perspective.

Imamat Course

Imamat Course

A Comprehensive course dealing with Shariah and various laws
and subjects pertaining to Islam, This course also focuses on physical training of leading the Jamaat and madressa classes. Can Thereafter Join the Aalim Course.

Hifth ul Quraan

Hifth ul Quraan

Hifz ul Quran course, is particularly designed for those who has already completed Nazra-e-Quran. Students can apply for this course only after clearing the placement test from the CTIEC. It requires students as well guardians to show a complete dedication.

Study Under Qualified & Experienced Lecturers

Our lecturers are chosen from the cream of the young generation of Ulama. All are qualified in certain fields and authorised Islamic scholars who are actively engaged in regular teaching, training, and mentoring to the Muslim community. They are well known for their inspirational and wisdom-filled counsel, moderation, and approachability.

Our Lecturers Hail from Different parts of the world and has received education in various countries like Egypt, Malawi, Pakistan, Burundi, India, Syria, Somalia including South Africa.

International Scholars Views About Our Centre

Scholars, Nasheed Artists, Naat Reciters & Ulama From various countries visited the Cape Town Islamic Educational Centre and witnessed the activities and events that are carried out by the CTIEC.


The CTIEC - Cape Town Islamic Educational Centre is a Minaret of Ilm in South Africa, an Institution with Highly educated Ulama and dedicated teachers, an organistaion that has young Scholars doing tons of work, may the CTIEC continue preaching the true message of Islam for peace, safety and building of man and nations, abhorring destructive ideas and for the centre to grow while producing Scholars to serve the mission.

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani - (Canada) Seekers Hub International

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