An in-depth study on diverse sciences of Islamic sacred knowledge. This course will allow learners to survive and lead their communities in the fast changing world with the moderate thought from an Islamic perspective.

Aalim course is a sacred path with an unbroken chain leading the seeker of knowledge to inherit the legacy of Nabi (SAW). Taught by certified scholars in a traditional environment, the ‘Aalim course educates the students of knowledge by teaching them to not only comprehend but to be able to practice and teach the Islamic Science. The Islamic Sciences taught at the institute allow students to develop in depth understanding of Arabic Grammar, Tajweed, Arabic Literature, Tafseer Al-Qur‘an, Ḥadith, Islamic Law (Fiqh), and Islamic History.

In using an English and then Arabic medium, our six-year Islamic studies course was designed and developed to cater specifically to English-speaking students in South Africa. The CTIEC Aalim course not only imparts raw knowledge but teaches its practical application with proper understanding.