Zia ul Uloom

Cape Town Islamic Educational Centre (CTIEC) was established in 2011 as a Islamic Learning centre and Darul Uloom.

It has a long-term strategic vision to promote religious moderation, effective and sound education, inter-faith dialogue and harmony. The mission of Cape Town Islamic Educational Centre is to strive in imparting Islamic Education and skills to produce self-confident, dedicated and responsible members of the society based on true religious and sound moral values for the purpose of promoting and propagating the Glorious Religion of Allah Almighty.

In recent years, there has been a renewed, reinvigorated drive to develop and improve the standards of education further and register for NQF Levels. The Zia ul Uloom has taken great strides to further that aim and there are genuine expectations for it to become a centre of excellence and beacon for Islamic learning in South Africa.

The Zia ul Uloom is affiliated To Jamia Razivia Zia ul Uloom (Pakistan) & Darul Uloom Pretoria (SA).

An in-depth study on diverse sciences of Islamic sacred knowledge. This course will allow learners to survive and lead their communities in the fast changing world with the moderate thought from an Islamic perspective.

6 years

A Comprehensive course dealing with Shariah and various laws and subjects pertaining to Islam, This course also focuses on physical training of leading the Jamaat and madressa classes. Can Thereafter Join the Aalim Course.

3 years

Hifz ul Quran course, is particularly designed for those who has already completed Nazra-e-Quran. Students can apply for this course only after clearing the placement test from the CTIEC. It requires students as well guardians to show a complete dedication.

3 years

A course which allows learners to have an insight into Islamic Sacred knowledge . Learners in this course are equipped to pursue the Imaamat or Aaalim Courses.

1 year